the collective


we are thinkers

This collective began over

we are producers

Our first love is music... We study it. We absorb it. We represent it. We produce it. We believe that there is often a gap between that which happens in the studio and what happens during the listening experience. We look to both.

see music beyond the studio believe that (good) music is ultimately an expression of a "wrestling-of-sorts" that lies deep within. We are interested in this as a starting point. We want this to emerge not only in the music itself, but the experience of encountering it.

we are promoters

In a perfect world, people with particular interests (i.e. music) would ease-fully be paired with the artist/creators of said interest. We wish the world operated this way. Given the over abundance of communications that we encounter each day, we understand that time, space, and information is valuable. We spend time working with individuals, companies, and organizations to not only solidify that which is being presented to the world, but the means in which it gets pushed out.

we are writers

Some of us started in copywriting... some in screenwriting... some in creative writing... and some in blog-esque writing. Words are fun.

we are directors

Our team has been on set for hundreds of productions... some which pay the bills (corporate) and some that don't. We have worked in almost every aspect of the film/video business – from lighting to sound, editor to director, and live action to motion graphics. If it was not the most played phrase in the business, we would say we “tell stories.” Which we do. But also find our intrigue in expression without narrative.

we are (video) producers

There are hundreds, if not thousands, of (good) films that are never made each year. We understand that this is often a result of a lack of funding or support. We also understand that there is little return in the film business. While we are not primarily a funding source, we are scrappy and creative in executing. We currently only focus on docs, short films, and anything that will pay the bills.

we are designers

We create brands. We extend brands. We know good design, bad design, and convenient design. We speak typeface, print stock, and PMS numbers.

we are photographers

Today, everyone is a photographer. We understand that Apple and the likes birthed a generation that will exponentially create millions of wonderful images. We also understand that we are immersed in a sea of excess imagery that is creating a world in which beauty is being redefined and/or "harder to find." While we certainly participate in the age of photo hedonism ourselves, we understand that our perspective shifts when we choose selectivity over abundance. We started with film. We lived in dark rooms. We appreciate print.