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our identity

We bring new LIFE to stagnant IDEAS.


We are a thought + experience agency with an interest in deconstructing pretense + inviting wonder.


We seek to synthesize complexity + create accessible experiences that welcome others to partake.


We craft immersive, transformative stories that reveal a deep understanding + appreciation of humanity.

REDNOW began when an eclectic group of thinkers and creatives gathered to investigate one specific question: What is wonder? Better yet, where is it? As a team of problem-solvers, idea-generators, and strategists, we have spent the last decade chasing this question. We aim to create transformative works in the pursuit of wonder, as producers, artists, writers, designers, (cinema)photographers, animators, musicians, and experience architects.



our question:

What’s possible
for the sake of the most TRANSFORMATIVE experience?




a brand is not a logo or A set of colors.

A brand is a collective set of cues, assets, and experiences that trigger an associated “feeling” when one encounters a particular entity, company, or person.

In other words, we associate an organization with the predominant feeling we have with it. And while this may seem obvious, it is rare that a company leads, creates, and markets themselves out of this understanding. This often leaves a disconnect between the brand and its audience.

In contrast, when an organization take this feeling seriously, a distinct and memorable experience emerges.

We are deeply interested in this relationship and are honored when we have the opportunity to come alongside a brand to decipher ambiguity and create these experiences.





OUR genius(es)



Maybe you already have a brand. Maybe you don’t. Regardless, one of the most common issues for a brand is finding alignment with what is “intended” versus what is “represented” and/or “experienced.” We are committed to calibrate these realities.



brand stORY

Most of us spend our entire life trying to answer one (big) question: “Who am I?” Well, the same is true for most organizations. Founders will often “birth” a company with a general idea of its identity. The problem is that this is only an idea. It’s like if we attempted to pre-determine (and tell) our child’s story on the day they were born. We simply do not know yet. And honestly, any preconceived notions are far less interesting. We (REDNOW) dig deep to uncover the story that lies beneath the surface. Subsequently, we exhaust the best ways in which to tell this story.



brand experience

This is our sweet spot. And usually the most ignored aspect of a brand. What experiences do our customers/constituents have when they encounter our brand? Better yet, What experiences are we creating? Some may refer to this as “brand mapping” or identifying the “customer journey,” which are necessary exercises in the process…However, we believe that the game-changing shifts come from asking the question, Could it be a better experience? This question allows us to step back and consider ideas that have the best shot at bringing brand alignment – including the identified “feeling” (see OUR PHILOSOPHY above). Defining the possibilities is just part of the process – bringing the possibilities to life and testing them with clear objectives and results in mind is our favorite part.



naming & messaging

For better or worse, words can inform us, guide us, and lead us. And when done well, they can set the table for a particular thought and/or feeling. This is true for names, key messaging, campaign headlines, and even general content. When doing name and messaging development, we go through numerous processes and litmus tests that help generate ideas, which are then vetted against the predetermined objectives and desired outcome/feeling.





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